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The industry has never been more in demand or the staff in it better appreciated for the amazing work they do. With life expectancy increasing, a growing population and the needs of society changing, there are incredible opportunities available in this valuable sector.

The ways of delivering care and support are evolving to meet the need for increased specialist care and education, with the NHS alone offering over 350 different types of role.  This means that traditional jobs in nursing, care-giving and teaching are developing to offer more personalised care and education.

Combined, the industries within the Health and Social Care sector employ one in ten of the working population in the UK, with an extra half a million jobs expected to by 2030.

What will I do

This course offers you the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the Health & Social Care sector through a selection of specialist units to help prepare you for working in the sector.

You will develop specific skills for study and research, which are essential to succeed in the industry. To bring to life what you learn on the course, you will have the opportunity to develop your practical and technical skills through work experience, visits from guest speakers and specialist workshops.

What’s next?

This is the perfect course to prepare you to study the Health & Social Care Advanced course. You will have gained all of the technical knowledge and academic skill in order to complete coursework to a high standard. You will be ready to put your knowledge to the test with extensive work experience as part of the Advanced course.

Is it for me?

Are you a real people person? Do you want a career where you can make a positive difference to people’s lives? This is the ideal starting point for a successful career in the Health & Social Care industry.

Whether you want to go on to nursing, midwifery or social work, you will be supported to expand your knowledge, skills and self-confidence. You must have a passion for the subject and be determined to succeed in an often high-pressured environment.  

Future Careers Opportunities


Level 1: You require four GCSEs at grade 2/E, one of which must be GCSE Maths or English Language and one GCSE Maths or English Language at grade 3/D.

Level 2: You require 4 GCSEs at grade 3/D including GCSE Maths or English Language, and either GCSE Maths or English Language at grade 4/C.


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