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Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Evening)

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Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting

What will I do?

Thinking about a career in finance?  Or perhaps you are already working in finance and want to increase your promotion prospects.  Or maybe you dream about starting your own business. 

The L2 Foundation Certificate provides you with the solid grounding in those areas that will help you achieve success in this field.  It is the key qualification that will underpin your knowledge and skills and be the first step on the road to progression and further study.

What’s next?

AAT support a programme of study at Levels 1 to L4 and on successful completion of this course, many students go on to complete their L3 and beyond to Level 4 to attain Professional status.

Some of our students get the taste for study and go on to university to study financial management or move into specialist areas focused on tax or industry or pensions. This is a rewarding career with many options, and it really starts here with the Foundation Certificate in Accounting.

Is it for me?

AAT and MK College set high standards for their students, if you have lots of drive and determination and are not afraid of hard work then we’ll welcome you to this course.

You will be a logical thinker, who can solve problems and like things to be in order. You will need to have the time available outside of class to practice, practice and then when you think you have practiced enough, start again. We are very flexible, we understand you may be working, have family commitments and although you want to improve your job prospects, time is scarce. So, our commitment to you is that if you want to pass and are prepared to put in the work, then we will do all in our power to support you in achieving your goals.


On completion of this qualification you will have developed accountancy skills in double-entry bookkeeping and basic costing, as well as an understanding of purchase, sales and general ledgers. You will have acquired an understanding of accounting software and developed the professional skills and behaviours needed to contribute effectively in the workplace. Working in accountancy requires good communication skills, IT skills and an understanding of the business environment, all of which are covered by this qualification. Overall, this qualification covers a broad range of core accounting skills, as well as accountancy-related business skills and personal skills.

There are four mandatory units:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Controls
  • Principles of Costing
  • The Business Environment.

Key themes of technology, ethics, sustainability ad communication have also been introduced throughout all AAT courses.

How will my progress be monitored?

Your tutor will monitor your progress in partnership with you and you have the support you need to achieve success. It is not always about being first in your exams or always being top of the class, it is about understanding what you are learning and being able to apply it to the best of your ability. That’s what your tutor will help you with.

How will I be assessed?

There is one online exam for each of the mandatory modules. If you don’t make the pass mark, then you are able to resit the exam at a later date. Prior to each exam, your tutor will set you mock exams, so you are confident and prepared for the real thing.

How much will I have to study each week?

You will need to spend about the same amount of time outside class on your studies as you do in college. Maybe more near your exam. It is a bi commitment but worth the effort.

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no specific entry requirements. Many students will have completed the L1 short course in bookkeeping, others will have some work experience. So long as you are confident with numbers and in written and spoken English, you should be fine.

Value of AAT in the Workplace

AAT qualifications are universally respected and internationally recognised. Organisations hire AAT qualified members for their knowledge, skills, diligence and enthusiasm because AAT represents the highest standards of professionalism. In short, an AAT qualification is a route to some of the most in-demand skills in the world and provides our students and members with a professional status to be proud of.

additional information

There are two options for this course, a daytime class or an evening class. You can discuss this with your tutor at interview. Also, the majority of classes are face to face at our Chaffron Way campus but some sessions may be held online.

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