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Why I’m Studying Higher Education Part-time at MK College

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Mohammed Jamac has progressed from Level 1 Sports, to completing the Level 3 Leadership Academy this year, to continuing his studies next year with the HNC in Sport (Community Sport and Physical Activity).

Alongside his studies, he has secured a role at Stanton Primary School as a teaching assistant, focusing on PE and sport coaching. He tells us about his journey through education, and why he’s decided to study Higher Education alongside his new role:

“During my time at MK College, I have completed a Level 1 Sports course, Level 2 course with the Leadership Academy, and I’m due to complete my Level 3 this summer. I chose to study at MK College because there was a huge variety of courses to choose from, and I was given the guidance and advice to make sure that I selected the most appropriate course for me in order to achieve my career goals. The reason I decided to study a Level 1 Sports course is because I have always enjoyed playing and simply taking part in sport to keep fit and healthy, but I have always wanted to find a career route that involved working within a sports environment.

The Leadership Academy provided me with opportunities to work in a practical setting. This course helped to develop me as person and I have gained many skills and experience during this time. The Leadership Academy has helped me demonstrate my ability to apply learned skills, and now I’m making a difference in my community.

Throughout my time at MK College I have gained many different skills. I am able to understand the importance of transferable skills and how to apply them in a professional setting, specifically; communication, leadership, organisation, teamwork, determination and problem-solving. Throughout the course I learnt how to be patient, calm and collective with a variety of participants, and I have been provided with the support to overcome the issues a sports coach/PE teacher often face. I have enjoyed learning how to communicate with people from different age groups with perse needs.

“I decided to enrol on to the HNC course because it enables me to gain a Higher Education qualification whilst working”.

Balancing coursework, lesson planning and delivering after school clubs was difficult at

first, but with my growing confidence and ability to manage my responsibilities this has become easier over time. Understanding situations and overcoming obstacles faced within Primary Schools, specifically behaviour management have been equally difficult, but the experience has exposed me to various strategies used in schools to make sure situations are dealt with appropriately.

The skills and experience that I have gained from the college are really important to this role. Without the confidence, experience and knowledge gained it would be almost possible to fulfil the role. You have to be organised, creative, enthusiastic and confident to plan and deliver effective lessons, and that’s where the Leadership Academy comes in.

I have decided to enrol on to the HNC course because it enables me to gain a Higher Education qualification whilst working. I have chosen this course because I also want to expand my knowledge in teaching. Stanton Primary School has provided me with an exciting opportunity that I cannot wait to begin. I will be working with experienced teachers in an outstanding school whilst developing my own skills.

My goals and aims are to work hard, keep improving and complete a Level 4 and 5 qualification in Sport. My overall goal is to become a sport/PE teacher.

If anyone is considering studying sport at MK College, especially the Leadership Academy pathway, I would tell them to enrol because the course comes with so much fun and surprises. It is very rewarding and throughout your journey you will learn about yourself as well as helping others enjoy, express and develop themselves”.