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What’s it like to study Graphic Design at MK College?

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Sonia joined MK College after she realised A-Levels weren’t right for her and she wanted to focus on her creative skills. She’s currently in her second year of her Level 3 course, and has grown her technical skills and as a designer.

“Studying this course has been extremely eye-opening and educational, which has helped me grow as a designer. I have learnt many skills which I will continue to find useful in my future, such as: the importance of typography in design, what makes an effective logo and slogan, creating gripping advertising campaigns, the influence of iconic designers, layout theories, presentation skills to real life clients, and constantly developing ideas from paper to the Adobe Creative Suite.

The process of each project is always exciting as you can have your own freedom with it, and use all sorts of medias to experiment with. One of my favourite projects was from my first year, where we had to choose a music artist to rebrand. This included creating a new logotype, CD design and the physical packaging for the CD’s. It exercised multiple creative skills, such as scaling, visual branding, and product design. Each project sets you up for a new challenge, in which you constantly learn and develop from.

My plan after college is to continue studying Graphic Design at university, as I feel like that extra experience would benefit my personal growth for my future career. After achieving my degree, I aim to go into the advertising industry and work as a junior graphic designer.

Throughout the years, I have carried out some work experience at both design and advertising agencies. I found myself gaining confidence in this type of work environment, and the work ethic of these creative teams was really inspiring. I was also able to build up my portfolio that included real work for clients, which I am proud to say I worked on.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Graphic Design at MK College, especially with the amount of support you get from the tutors. It is something that A-Levels could not compare to, as you are able to focus on one subject that you are truly passionate about. I look forward to continuing and developing my skills learnt from this course into university.”

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