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What will College look like after lockdown?

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We’ve been busy getting prepared to welcome everyone back to College safely. This week a small number of students and staff came back to our Motor Vehicle garage at our Bletchley Campus to finish some exams and set up the workshop in line with social distancing guidelines.

Elsewhere in the College at both campuses, we have installed pop-up banners at campus entrances so everyone entering the College is reminded to maintain social distancing and wash or sanitise their hands regularly. We have also placed floor stickers around the sites to remind everyone to stay two metres apart.

We have stocked up on soap for handwashing and installed additional sanitiser dispensers around the sites, including refillable pump bottles of sanitizer for offices and classrooms where appropriate.

Masks are not necessary, as social distancing is being maintained throughout the College, but staff and students are welcome to wear their own face masks if they want to, and we will be providing these for those who don’t have their own.

In preparation for phase three of our unlock plan, we also have additional PPE equipment and screens arriving in the coming weeks.