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My Experience as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at the Open University

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Kiran Parmar, age 19, has recently completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at the Open University with MK College and is now looking forward to developing his career in marketing.

Kiran’s Story

“During my time in sixth form, I was pushed towards university as there wasn’t much information about apprenticeships. However, I didn’t want to follow the crowd and get into debt purely for the student lifestyle. I wanted to be able to continue learning while supporting myself financially, so an apprenticeship seemed the best option.

When I decided on a digital marketing apprenticeship, I did a lot of research before finding my current role advertised with the Open University. Digital marketing is a relatively new field of work and is becoming more popular, although I found most of the vacancies are in London.

It’s great being able to learn as well as earn. Employers are always looking for experience, not just qualifications, so doing an apprenticeship has provided the chance to build up my CV and give me a head start in my career.

At first, I found it challenging adapting to working on my own quite a bit. When you’re in school or college, you always have a group of others around you, but in the workplace, you do need to be able to be more independent.

The tutors at MK College have been great, I’ve had support and check-ins when I’ve needed them, and their support helped me to pass all my exams.

I’m now looking forward to progressing my career within digital marketing, and in the future would like to work in London for a while. I’ve also recommended apprenticeships to a friend who has dropped out of university and is starting a digital marketing apprenticeship with MK College, so I’ll be able to support her on her course.

“To anyone else considering an apprenticeship with MK College, I’d say keep your mind open to it. If you want to be able to do things more independently like go on holiday and not have to worry about money, or have more structure in life, more discipline, and have an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs, then an apprenticeship could be great for you.”