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My Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Luton Town Football Club

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Bradley Dixon, 22, has recently completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at Luton Town Football Club with MK College, and is now looking forward to developing his career in marketing. Here he explains his apprenticeship journey in his own words.

Bradley’s Story

“I left Sixth Form after a year and took some time out to overcome a few personal issues linked to depression. When I started feeling better, I began looking at apprenticeships. I felt that an apprenticeship would suit me more than sitting in a classroom, as it’s more hands-on and I learn best when I’m doing things.

I found my current role with Luton Town FC advertised on the National Apprenticeships website. I was looking for something that combined IT skills with creativity, so a digital marketing apprenticeship seemed like a great option.

Partway through my studies, my employer decided to switch my apprenticeship to MK College as the previous training provider let them down. The College has been great and it’s nice getting to meet other people on the same course. Everyone’s job is different, so it’s interesting to share experiences.

What do you love about your Apprenticeship?

The best thing about the apprentice route is being in a real work environment. I’m part of a small team at the football club and everyone is so nice. My role is quite varied so I do anything and everything involved with digital marketing, from using graphic design tools like Illustrator and Photoshop to posting social media updates and updating the website. I’ve been given responsibility for the Junior Hatters page in the matchday programme, which I really enjoy doing. Every day I’m picking up new skills and growing inexperience.

Since starting my apprenticeship, my confidence has grown ten-fold. Before, I had real anxiety about speaking in public, but the situations I’ve been in have helped a lot with sorting that out. I can now take new situations in my stride. I’ve recently been offered a position as a Marketing and IT Assistant, and I’m really looking forward to staying on and furthering my career with Luton Town.

To anyone else considering the apprenticeship route, I’d say be open to what’s out there. Really think about what you would be interested in doing as a career at a base level. Apprenticeships are the best way to get out into the workplace while still learning.”