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My Apprenticeship During The Pandemic: How I Adapted

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Many of our Apprentices have had to adapt considerably during the pandemic. Lockdown has proven to be difficult for many workforces, and apprentices are no exception. Listen to how Tim, a Software Development Apprentice at MK College, has adapted and shown resilience within his role.

Tim’s Story

Working from home has its benefits, however, self-isolating is a whole other challenge. Without remote access to networks and the security which protects them, isolation would feel much more claustrophobic and potentially frightening. Not to mention the effects it would have on day-to-day business.

Tim is a Level 4 Software Development apprentice at Web Control and has noted the importance of communication and the infrastructure of technology in maintaining high client service standards whilst most of the country is in self-isolation.

Being an online service, Web Control was quick to follow government guidelines and provide home working access to its workforce. Communicating with customers via VPN and remote desktop, the apprentices were already set-up to work remotely and able to continue a direct and speedy service to clients. Communicating via Teams and daily morning catch-ups have proved essential for Tim and his colleagues.

“We are very fortunate as an industry to have the majority of our focus be online in normal circumstances, which makes the switch to home reasonably hassle-free”, said Tim. “However, this does not take away from the added support and attention we are providing each other. It is almost as if communication has heightened as people increase their efforts to stay in touch. There’s a real sense of unity.”

Collaborative working, including screen-sharing and just keeping in touch, are essential for all during the current situation. “Situations such as this emphasise the need for accessible and intuitive software suited to the less tech-savvy users, to give everyone the best chance at continuing life as normal.”, added Tim.

MK College is working hard to support apprentices whilst working remotely, continuing to deliver workshops online. If you’d like to discuss hiring an apprentice into your business, please get in touch.