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How Work Experience Got My Foot In The Door

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Mykerlande Annabella Dorasin, best known as Mickey, moved to Milton Keynes in 2017 from the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands to further her studies at Milton Keynes College.

As part of her Business course, she completed work experience at People In Flow, based in MK. She has subsequently secured a position as a Marketing Assistant and Researcher with the company, taking her first step into her dream career. Here she tells us how she secured the work experience placement, what she learnt, and what’s next for her.

“I always had a passion for Business because I loved the idea of being able to create something new, whether it’s through being part of a team or on my own. Marketing has been a passion of mine since secondary school so I’m really pleased to have gained a position at People in Flow.

I gained the work experience through stating my area of interest and the opportunity being in my town of residence. I went in with an open mind, not knowing such a great opportunity would be behind the doors of a great company like People in Flow.

During my time there, I was given tasks such as recording videos for an upcoming podcast, conducting research on potential clients and their contact details, and other research projects on the marketing world and their perspective of HR, as People in Flow focuses on HR and people in companies. They saw my potential and offered me a flexible position as a Marketing Assistant and Researcher.

“If someone offers you a great opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later” is a quote by Richard Branson, which perfectly describes the moment when I decided to say yes! I had no idea how I was going to take on such an important role in the company but that did not stop me from taking on the challenge. Once I got settled in, everything flowed well and I became a part of the team.

My biggest challenge was adapting to a new environment and actually making a good impression but that’s normal for anyone doing something new. I have enjoyed the journey at People in Flow so far because it’s helped me find the career path I want to take in the future. I’d really like to do a Marketing apprenticeship after college, to continue learning more and more about the industry, and get some more relevant qualifications.