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Getting back into education: The start of a new chapter

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I’m Jake, 23 years old and like many of you reading this blog I’m about to embark on a new academic year. I’m about to open a new chapter in my book of life. For the next two years, I’m going to be studying HNC in Computing on a part-time basis. I’m going to be documenting my experience as an adult getting back into education.

This is me (not the blonde one – obviously!)

Some of you reading this might be thinking; “He’s too old to be studying at the College”, but you’d be surprised how common it is these days. It appeals to people who want to learn another skill or just get back in to academic studies after taking a break for one reason or another. In my case, having taken a break from my academic studies for personal reasons, I’m now in a better place where I’m ready to challenge myself.

Challenges aren’t something that phase me because it’s safe to say my life hasn’t come without them. I have Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability which affects my mobility. I use a powered wheelchair to get around day to day and rely on the support of carers to complete daily tasks such as, personal hygiene, dressing and meal preparation. In case you’re wondering, my ability to learn isn’t affected, however I am quite nervous about getting back to studying as my last experience didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

They do say university isn’t for everyone. If I’m honest I underestimated the academic jump between college and higher education the first time round. I’ve already received the recommended text book for this course, and not only is it over 300 pages thick, but the language used throughout the text book is nothing like I’ve heard before. It’s fair to say I’ve got a journey ahead of me, but do you really learn anything if you don’t feel challenged?

As the months roll on, if you have any questions, whether they’re about the course itself, going back to education after a break, or something more personal – I’m an open book!

Here we go, there’s no turning back now.

Until next time!